Back from Hiatus

Hey Everybody—

Bit of a mea culpa here. I haven’t posted anything since August, and that’s largely because I haven’t written anything since August. The arrival and departure of a Mexican girlfriend, the All-Volunteer Conference, the Close-of-Service of some of my dearest friends, a trip to Istanbul to visit the much-mentioned-here Alex Guyton, and general laziness have kept me from putting key or pen to paper.

As a result of that, though, I’ve got kind of a lot of posts backed up inside of me, as it were, so I should be putting one up every couple of days, and I want to stick to at least two-a-week for as long as I should be in Mexico.

Friendly reminder since I think I’ve picked up a few readers by [my own] word of mouth since I last posted: you can subscribe to this blog by email, and it’ll poke you every time I put something up. So you can do that and never have to worry about checking this site or whatever. First new piece is coming down the pipe today.

Greetings from Mexico, folks.


Buckle up

Buckle up