Married with Children

Kids are a hot topic for the volunteers in Jalpan. My erstwhile brother and his wife—Trey and Janessa—are of an age to talk about it—30 and 29—and I’m here to talk with. Given that we’re in Mexico, it’s always a topic at hand. “Why don’t you already have a kid?” is as valid a question as how-do-you-do for any woman of marrying age, and “Why don’t you have a kid with one of ours?” is just as good for any strapping young foreign man.

And it's not just the locals

And it’s not just the locals

Trey and Janessa take what I imagine is the typical line for Americans of their cohort. Children are part of the plan, after careers and travel and messing around until their fun has been had and they’re ready to settle into the waiting-for-retirement grind that seems to brand life after 35 for all of us aspiring young graduates. If you aren’t famous or otherwise important by then you might as well pop a couple out and see if that masks the hole inside of you.

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