I’m writing this from the third hour of a “short meeting just to check some things” that our colleagues, typically, neglected to inform us was happening, and which we sat down to an hour before Close of Business. It’s the third meeting I’ve had today and the second that has lasted more than three hours. I am starting to realize that every moment in the office leaves me bored or frustrated. There are nuggets of fulfillment in my extracurriculars, but they’re hidden among the great wastes of meaningless office work that define my existence out here.

I'm not using a typewriter

I’m not using a typewriter

Because of the way Peace Corps Mexico is set up (through the fault of, let me be clear, none of the sensitive-to-this-kind-of-commentary staff in Mexico), myself and the other volunteers in site are stuck in an office.

In every other Peace Corps country, there exists a bilateral agreement that lets the Corps work with any given organization, institution, school, community, etc. that is interested in collaborating. In Mexico, we lack that agreement.

We have to work through the National Parks Service (Comisión Nacional de las Áreas Naturales Protegidas—CONANP—my agency), the Forest Service (Comisión Nacional Forestal—CONAFOR), and kind of the EPA (Secretaría de Medio Ambiente y Recursos Naturales—SEMARNAT) as well as some tech development agencies for the Tech Transfer program, another anomaly of the Mexico post.

Like in the wash and stuff

These colors run

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